Debt recovery services

We can help you protect your cash flow and ensure that your business can collect late debt. This is a common area of concern for business owners. There is a well established legal process for debt collection for businesses.

We work with all types of businesses and individuals to collect money that is owing to them to give you the best chance of recovering overdue invoices.

We offer competitive hourly rates and in some cases can give fixed fees. We will discuss payment options on a case by case basis. There will be no hidden fees or surprises, our fees will be fully discussed and agreed with you up front.

We provide the following help:

  • Letters before Action
  • Statutory Demands/Winding Up Petitions
  • Issuing Court proceedings
  • Attending Court Hearings
  • Enforcing Judgments
  • We are experienced solicitors who are completely at home with the legal processes involved in debt recovery services. We can help you at any stage of this process of recovering a business debt, whether it is helping you write an effective and legally sound Letter Before Action, or pursuing the matter through the Court system. We are familiar with the process of enforcing Judgment and can manage the process right through to bankruptcy or company winding up proceedings if need be.

Once the debt is collected, we can review your contracts, trade agreements and terms of business to make sure that your terms are clear so you can avoid lengthy and costly litigation proceedings in the future.

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